Pachak Churna - For Digestion, Buddhivardhak - Brain Tonic, Balvardhak - Energy food, Zero Stress - For relieve mental stress, Sheetrodhak - For Asthama & thyroids, Sandhivat Tel & Lepa - For joint pain, Keshbala - Hair tonic, Saundarya Kaya Lepa - For face skin tone, Dahanashini - Body burning, Dantrakshak - For Healthy teeth, Ashvagandha Shatavari Soup - Health Tonic/Soup, Herpeez Lepa - For Nagin, Diabtic Tea & Churna - For diabetic mukti.

My India! Diabetes Free India !!

  • Are you a Diabetic patient ?
  • Do you intend to get relieved from Diabetes?
  • Do you know what is Diabetes ?


Diabetes is niether a disease not an illness / ailment.


Diabetes is : Deficiency of Beta cells produced by pancreas.

Traditional Curative Method


  • Efforts are made to Control Diabetes
  • Excessive dose of Insulin & tablet reduces the sugar level more than required.

Innovative Curative Method By Acharya Ayurvedic Foundation

  • Diabetic tea rejuvinates Beta cells.
  • The same prevents dissolving process of excess sugar in the blood.
  • Prevention of excess sugar in the blood does not warrant regulation of sugar level.
  • Hypoglycemia does not occur even after relishing excessive Diabetic Tea